Ultimate PCC Squib Kit
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The Ultimate PCC Squib Kit

For removing squib loads from your pistol-caliber carbine rifle barrel.


Kit includes a 8 oz Grace brass hammer with Delrin tip, beneficial for gunsmithing.

The hammer provides good inertia for knocking out the toughest squibs.

And a smooth, chamfered, 22-inch long, 11/32" diameter, hand crafted brass rod.

It can be used with 9mm barrels and will also work with the longest muzzle brakes in the market-- including the Lantac Dragon.


Squibs happenSo stay in the fight with the BE Ultimate PCC Squib Kit.


You may add a palm fit brass punch, 3/32" for taking down polymer pistols for just $10.

Check "Add On:"

then select "With Punch" from the drop down menu.

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Ultimate PCC Squib Kit

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