The Gen 2  Brass Exchange Ultimate Squib Kit (Shipping Included)
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Free 3/32" palm fit brass punch with purchase of The Ultimate Squib Kit

The "Gen 2" Brass Exchange Ultimate Squib Kit is a premium squib kit like no other. It consists of a double-sided hammer, 3 solid brass rods, and a palm fit punch. The kit is assembled and its constituents are manufactured in the USA.


The new 8-ounce brass hammer has a "Delrin Tip" for light gunsmithing work on one side.  And for perfect impact on the rods, it is solid brass on the other side. The hammer’s brass head is hand turned from a CDA 360 brass rod. Its handle is a beautifully hand-turned piece of seasoned hickory.


The rods are made of solid brass and are handmade, machine cut and beveled. All edges have been smoothed so there is no chance of damaging your weapon system. There are three 9-inch rods in the kit.

Rod 1 is for 380, 9 mm, 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 357 Sig and 38 Super.

Rod 2 is for .40 S&W, 10 mm and 41 Magnum.

Rod 3 is for 45 ACP, 45 Gap, 45 Long Colt and 44 Special.

The rods are long enough to knock out squibs in long slide semi-autos like the Glock 17L and hunting revolvers.


This is a squib kit to be proud of in your range bag. It was built to be durable so that you could pass it down to family members.The Ultimate Squib Kit is kept together in a utilitarian burlap sack with drawstring and includes:

1 brass hammer, 8 oz., with Delrin tip

3 brass rods (one for each caliber category), each 9 inches long

1 palm fit brass punch, 3/32" for taking down polymer pistols


Squibs HappenTM  So be prepared with one of these in your bag.

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The Gen 2 Brass Exchange Ultimate Squib Kit (Shipping Included)

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